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2013 Gate River Run

Running the 2013 Gate River Run?

Make sure to check out our friends, Jacksonville Running Company, if you plan on running the 2013 Gate River Run. They will be having great deals on the top brands in both running shoes and apparel. Be sure that booths 300, 301, 410, and 415 are the first stops you make when you get your […]

Isn’t Running Bad for Your Joints?

As a runner, aspiring coach, and overall running enthusiast I am commonly asked the same question, “Isn’t running bad for your joints?” My response always was a “yeah, if you do it wrong” or “I have no idea, but I see 60 and 70 year old people running all of the time.” Up until last […]

Plantar Faciitis- A Quick Look at a Common Problem

Everyday I get asked the same question about Plantar Faciitis and I always give the same advice. These are the steps that I have used to rid myself of the ailment and they are what I recommend to all of my customers. I am no doctor and will not pretend to be. If the condition […]