Finding the Right Fit – Running Shoes

running shoes

OcalaFit Founder and former running store manager, Darrin DeTorres, gives tips on what to look for when seeking a great pair of running shoes. Size Matters! This could be the single most important factor regarding finding the right pair of running shoes. All to often I talk to people who complain about shin splints, plantars […]

Isn’t Running Bad for Your Joints?

As a runner, aspiring coach, and overall running enthusiast I am commonly asked the same question, “Isn’t running bad for your joints?” My response always was a “yeah, if you do it wrong” or “I have no idea, but I see 60 and 70 year old people running all of the time.” Up until last […]

Plantar Faciitis- A Quick Look at a Common Problem

Everyday I get asked the same question about Plantar Faciitis and I always give the same advice. These are the steps that I have used to rid myself of the ailment and they are what I recommend to all of my customers. I am no doctor and will not pretend to be. If the condition […]