Fitzpatrick Wins State and Breaks Records

This Saturday at Holloway Park in Lakeland, Florida, Joey Fitzpatrick took on all comers at the FLYRA Middle School State Championship. Fitzpatrick , an 8th Grader at Lake Weir Middle School, won the 3k cross country race in a very quick 9:48 to break both the state meet record and the course record. The former […]

2013 Landbridge Trail Run – Results

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Results from the 2013 Landbridge Trail Run. The race was 2.5 miles in distance and was timed by Spitler Race Timing. 2013 Landbridge Trail Run 5 Mile Results PLC Time O A G First Last 1 36:48:00 1 OPEN M Tom Allard 2 37:14:00 1 30-39 M Julius Chirieleison 3 37:27:00 1 MASTR M Jack […]

Are You Running Too Fast During Training?

I came across this article while doing research on another subject. The author makes a great point about running proper speeds in different types of training sessions. If you race every day, there will be nothing left come race day. My adopted motto as of late is “Its called a recovery run for a reason!” […]

Finding the Right Fit – Running Shoes

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OcalaFit Founder and former running store manager, Darrin DeTorres, gives tips on what to look for when seeking a great pair of running shoes. Size Matters! This could be the single most important factor regarding finding the right pair of running shoes. All to often I talk to people who complain about shin splints, plantars […]